5 Best Recliners or Relaxation Chairs For Sale on Amazon

After a tiring day at work or outside, everyone has the will to come home and relax. It is one of the most basic traits of a human being and is critical for maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. One of the best ways that you can give your body and mind the power-up it needs and deserves is a recliner or a relaxation chair. A recliner provides a marvelous update to your regular sofa or chair by boasting of ultimate comfort to not only your back, but also to your head, hips and legs with its ultra cozy features and traits.

Judging by the amazing array of benefits a recliner can provide, it is more than worthwhile to get these super chairs into your home. Since you deserve nothing less than the very best, we have enlisted the 5 best recliner chairs that you can get for yourself and your folks at home. So sit back, relax and surf through these 10 stars that would ensure many levels up from your current chair and consequently, your current self! Furthermore, going by how sassy and uber stylish most recliners look, they become a super cool addition to all the stuff that make up your home decor!

Let’s check out the cream of the cream in the domain of recliner chairs:

5 Best Recliners You Can Actually Buy

  1. Homelegance 9668BRW-1 Glider Reclining Chair, Brown Bonded Leather

The beautiful Homelegance recliner chair comes with a very simple array of features but make no mistake about that, as it is one of the best recliner chairs available out there. What makes this one shine the most is the absolutely terrific levels of comfort is provides. Trust us, ‘terrific’ is an understatement!

The trademark gliding motion, plush accommodation, rolled arms and bonded leather upholstery conglomerate to give you a super trendy yet classic vibe to your home decor.

This recliner chair is so comfortable and yet, it does dies not burn a hole in your pocket. Yes, that’s right! If you are looking for a super cozy recliner which goes easy on your bucks, look no further than this!

Features of the Homelegance Gliding Recliner Chair: 

  • It is made up of brown bonded leather with a composition of 74% polyester, 18% leather and 8% cotton.
  • It is designed with a lever action reclining mechanism that offers a reclined orientation as desired and a gliding motion when not reclined.
  • There is the requirement of an easy back chair assembly.
  • It comes with traditional rolled arms and channel tufted design feature nail head accent.
  • The gliding motion is virtue of the Center Hill Collection glider.
  • The seat is made up of brown bonded leather and the body is made up of matching bi-cast vinyl/faux leather.
  • It is finished with a matching loveseat and sofa to provide a complete comfortable seating experience. 

Pros and Cons:

Pros of the Homelegance Gliding Recliner Chair:
  • It is wide enough to accommodate more than just you, as you can settle into it yourself along with other stuff.
  • The gliding motion works perfectly and allows you to lean on and switch positions without breaking a sweat.
  • The beautiful nail head trim is super stylish and echoes the other furniture in your room.
  • It is very solid and sturdy, and aids in stabilizing your entire body perfectly.
  • It is embedded with plenty of padding to provide a wonderful cushioning effect.
  • It is ideal for use even if you have had a recent surgery.
  • It provides plenty of support to your back.
  • Comes in at a very affordable range and provides mire than enough value for your money.
  • The assembly is simple and straight-forward.
  • It is surprisingly light in weight.

Cons of the Homelegance Gliding Recliner Chair:
  • The power button is not placed on the inside of the armchair, which limits the accessibility when you are laying on it.
  • It takes a little bit of pushing with your legs to get the leg stool back down and close it.
  • If you happen to have short legs little bit difficult to get to the upright position
  • It tends to be a bit unstable in the sideways direction when you are trying to get down.

This beauty lives up to its hype more than it is expected to! It looks classy and performs just as well. It is designed almost perfectly and all this comes  without the inclusion of any extravagant features. It offers sheer beauty in its simplicity, and boy, does the brown bonded leather look amazing! The few minor flaws can also be covered up for with a few adjustments from your side, which are not really much going by the comfort it provides. The Homelegance reclining chair definitely figures out among the best overall reclining chairs, and rightfully so!

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  1. Seatcraft Equinox Leather Power Recliner

The Seatcraft Equinox leather power recliner is a power-packed recliner that comes equipped with loads of cool features and provides an extra dash of oomph to luxury. To top it all up, this recliner chair is supremely comfortable. It works super smooth and has a range of add-ons that are overwhelming to say the least. This is one such recliner that is fit for the most driven of individuals and the features of this breathtaking recliner will blow your mind away!

This recliner not only delivers exceptionally well on the basics, but also adds on to its glory with an impressive lineup of extra features such as a very accessible charging port, lights, food trays and storage areas, that make it more than just a traditional recliner chair.

Features of the Seatcraft Equinox Leather Power Recliner: 

  • It is made up of the finest leather from the top 30% quality of hides with offers exceptional touch, durability and look.
  • The powered recline comes with an adjustable headrest that can be set to suit your head’s position.
  • It also has an adjustable lumbar support for comfort of the lower back.
  • The double arm recliner allows you to set the configuration of the entire recliner as per your need and convenience.
  • It is equipped with home theater settings that comprises of lighted cup holders and base.
  • The SoundShaker transducer present in the recliner makes the experience of watching movies all the more real and exciting with its pre-installed bass shakers situated within the system.
  • It has power recline control panels at the end of each seat for adjustment of the position of the recliner.
  • The power control panel also has a USB charging portal.
  • The cool gel foam infused within the recliner makes sure that it conforms to the natural contours of the body and maintains a uniform temperature approvable by the body.
  • It is equipped with tray tables and in-arm storage for the provision of snacks and storing items. The tray tables are built with a 360 degrees swivel mechanism. 

Pros and Cons:

Pros of the Seatcraft Equinox Leather Power Recliner:
  • The powered headrest can be adjusted to a number of different positions with the simple push of a button. This helps in reducing neck and shoulder strain.
  • The powered lumbar support can conforms to the natural curvature of your lower back and offers stability, support and comfort that reduces strain and induces wholesome comfort.
  • The control panel is easily accessible regardless of the position of the recliner. Further, the controls setup on the panel is simple and easy to operate.
  • The control panel has a USB charging port which gives you the luxury of charging your mobile or laptop.
  • The recliner has tray tables on which you can keep your snacks and beverages. That tray tables can be rotated on all four with its amazing 360 degrees swivel mechanism. This gives you an amazing freedom of motion and self-mobility when seated on the recliner. In addition, the in-arm storage can be used to store stuff when not in use.
  • The recliner has lighted cup holders and base that allow you to find your way into the comforts of the recliner chair in the dark.
  • The pre-installed bass shakers in the SoundShaker system have the provision to be connected to the SoundShaker amplifiers (which are sold separately), which make every sound all the more real and majestic.
  • The gel foam ensures that your body stays cool and relaxed, while also welcoming the natural contours of your body to rest in sync with the surface and bulk of the recliner chair.
  • The motors are virtually silent in operation.
  • It is a great recliner to use even if you have neck, hip. back or leg problems.
  • The leather is extremely smooth, soft and durable.
  • It is very easy to assemble.

Cons of the Seatcraft Equinox Leather Power Recliner:
  • The instruction manual contains no diagrams that explain the controls and it takes some time to figure out the working of the controls.
  • There is no dimmer for the lights and no separate switches for the base and cup holding lights.
  • The back of the chair does not seem to lay down until the foot rest is all the way up.

The Seatcraft Equinox leather power recliner is arguably in the topmost tiers of recliner chairs. It has virtually no flaws in the working and delivery of performance. You derive incredible comfort and satisfaction from the design and look of this recliner chair; so the very basic amenities are more than enough to give it a thumbs up. However, this powerful recliner takes things many step further as it is jam-packed with features that leave you in awe. The added luxuries of the lights, charging portal, tray and in-arm storage is a bonus! It gets full marks from us in all regards.

If you are looking for the ultimate recliner to meet all your needs, look no further than the revolutionary Seatcraft Equinox leather power recliner!

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  1. HomCom Deluxe Heated Leather Massage Recliner

Imagine a chair that not only acts as a recliner but also doubles up as a massager! To add fuel to your imagination, suppose that this recliner cum chair is super cozy and is loaded with an impressive list of features. Sounds surreal? We can relate, because that’s exactly we thought of before we lay our eyes (and ourselves) on the mind-blowing HomCom Deluxe Heated Leather massage recliner. One of the most elite recliner chairs we have ever come across, this masterpiece offers you comfort which can be so overwhelming that it would take you some time to comprehend that the reality of experiencing the comforts of this recliner chair is as good as you imagined!

The fact that the HomCom recliner chair also acts as a recliner is a huge bonus. Who wouldn’t like to derive a few extra features out of their recliner chair? And considering that this one adds another form of functionality by acting as a massager, makes this one worth the catch.

Furthermore, the physical characteristics and build of the HomCom massage recliner serves to provide a very fine alignment of your spine and body in general, this contributes to wonderful chiropractic perks as well. In short, your musculoskeletal system is going to be in love with this recliner! It is truly amazing to ponder upon the exhaustive list of features and benefits you can reap out of a single recliner chair. 

Features of the HomCom Deluxe Heated Leather Massage Recliner: 

  • It is built with overstuffed padding of sponge that provides superior comfort and support.
  • It comes with a handy remote control located just below the armrest.
  • It is equipped with a heating function that provides heat your arms, waist, back and lumbar area by virtue of vibrating nodes.
  • The heated surface set up a heating massage that can be preset to 5 modes as per your convenience and desire.
  • The recliner massage chair is equipped with 8 different modes that work in sync to provide a massaging effect.
  • It has 2 intensity levels and 5 pre-programmed modes to choose from, that aids in customizing the entire massage experience to your body.
  • Comes with two cup holders that let you place your drink(s).
  • Designed to rock and rotate an entire 360 degrees of turn.
  • It has the provision to adjust the speed at different areas of the body. 

Pros and Cons:

Pros of the HomCom Deluxe Heated Leather Massage Recliner:
  • This recliner chair provides the added feature of massage that makes you not just sit on it, but to also get a thorough massage out of it.
  • The PU leather that bounds the entire padding is super soft in its own right and feels silky.
  • The heating elements project a fine thermal distribution over different areas of the body that soothe and comfort tense and sore muscles, and relieve pain and stress.
  • This recliner chair works wonderfully on the back and helps in proper alignment of the spine by improving the linear posture characteristics of the back.
  • It is very easy to assemble and put together, coming in 2 packages.
  • The remote control is located at a very accessible point and is ergonomic in placement and usage. In addition, the controls on the remote are simple to operate.
  • The vibration setup is extremely smooth and uniform with a comfortable frequency that goes in sync with your body.
  • It has two cup holders located on both sides wherein you can place your drinks.
  • Can rotate at an entire 360 degrees orientation that helps to conform to the natural motion of the body.
  • Both the speed and intensity of the vibrations are adjustable.
  • The recliner offers remarkable cushioning to the body. It is neither too soft nor too firm, and offers a perfect balance between the two, to provide a superbly comfortable feel.
  • The fabric is soft and gives a smooth feel to the skin with no cases of rough rubbing against your body.
  • The swiveling motion is extremely smooth and crisp., even though it is an appreciably big chair.
  • It is pretty wide and can accommodate varying sizes and weights.
  • It is strong and offers good durability.

Cons of the HomCom Deluxe Heated Leather Massage Recliner:
  • This chair happens to be too small for many people. You may not fight into the chair properly if your legs are long as your feet might overhang out of the leg support area.
  • When you sit in an upright position on the chair and it is not in a reclined position, you may have the tendency to fall forward instead of backwards. Also, the chair seems to be stiff at this position. This is due to the presence of the motor beneath.
  • The massaging may seem a bit noisy for some.
  • It has only 2 levels of intensity which may seem inadequate for a stronger massage.
  • The swiveling rotation is not fast enough and takes its time to turn around.
  • The recliner lever may get a bit sticky with continual use and that might pose as a hindrance when you want to recline all the way.

The HomCom Deluxe Heated Leather Massage Recliner is one of a kind. Packed with a multitude of features, it is a fantastic it to your home decor and lifestyle alike. You get supreme comfort and a nice, warm massage just by laying on it, with controls can be easily operated. The setup phase seems to be a bother courtesy of certain design parameters such the placement of the motor, size of the recliner and time lag for setting up a smooth and uniform swiveling motion. But let’s face it… This recliner chair works incredibly well once the setup has been achieved. It is a pretty big chair as such but offers relatively lower amount of space for your legs if you are tall. Otherwise, this recliner chair is one exemplary one from HomCom.

We would expect the massage to be an average experience since it is not primarily a massager. But to our greatest surprise, it offers a more than satisfactory heated massage that helps combat sore and tired muscles. The added swivel function moves like a dream. It indeed does work as a reliable recliner chair cum heated massager that refreshes your mind and body after you get back home. It lets you sit on it, swivel around, enjoy your drinks, gives you a heated massage and less you drift away to a pleasurable bout of slumber. It’s totally worth the buy. Go for it!

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  1. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Power Recliner

Widely perceived as one of the most comfortable recliner chairs in the market and strongly backed by many chiropractors and experts, this is one of the best deals you can get for yourself. It is packed with a power reclining function which is a perfect match for elderly people and those suffering from chronic back pain and associated issues. If you have just visited a chiropractor, and need a suitable recliner chair that not provides support to your realigned back, but also does its best in maintaining the corrected orientation, then this classic piece from Ashley Furniture is the one for you!

It is backed with proper sizing and this is justified by the wonderfully ergonomic and neatly dimension-ed components of the recliner chair that work together to provide a perfect level of accommodation for any type of body. To top it all up, the upholstery looks and feels like leather, making the touch of the material on the skin all the more special.

Features of the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Power Recliner: 

  • It is basically a dual motor power recliner that helps in proper maneuvering of the entire recliner chair mechanism.
  • The entire power lift function is automatic and moves with ease while being governed with a remote control.
  • The upholstery is made with thick poly fiber that is designed to be like leather.
  • It is built with a corner-blocked frame with a metal reinforced seat and footrest.
  • It has a high back and is laced with thick cushions.
  • It comes with pillow top armrests and bustle backs.
  • It showcases a nailhead trim and tufting for contributing towards better home décor.
  • It has magazine pockets on the sides wherein you can store small items, magazines or the remote controller. 

Pros and Cons:

Pros of the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Power Recliner:
  • This is an ideal recliner chair to use if you happen to have problems in your back and are in need of a recliner that not only provides ample support to your back but also helps in paving the way for proper treatment.
  • The power lifting and reclining is achieved with a motor guided by automatic controls without the employment of any lever or mechanical component. This renders a very comfortable control and operation of the functionalities of the recliner chair.
  • The remote control is accessible and very simple to operate. With just the touch of a button located within your arm’s reach, you can maneuver the recliner chair as per your will.
  • It is super quiet and smooth to use, such that you can’t even hear the functioning.
  • It is very easy to mount and demount the chair, even if you have had issues in your knees (like knee replacements).
  • The recliner chair is firm and offers a good degree of support to your body.
  • It is pretty large and has a high back which helps in taking up a body of literally any size and height.
  • The metal reinforcement located within the chair makes it sturdy and extremely durable.
  • The back and feet rests work independently of each other, so you can adjust each exclusively without making any sort of exaggerated adjustments to the upper and/or lower parts of your body.
  • The fabric feels like leather but you do not slip over it as you tend to do in leather.
  • The chair lifts much higher than most of the other recliner chairs available in the market.
  • Though it large in stature and built, it is surprisingly easy to assemble all the units.
  • The motor operated with a quiet gear operation that requires hardly any maintenance.
  • It is really soft and offers an amazing amount of cushioning that nicely presses against your body to provide great comfort.
  • The features are good enough for you to ensure prolonged periods of rest and/or sleep.
  • It offers flexibility to adjust the footrest to a lot of different positions.

Cons of the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Power Recliner:
  • The recliner function doesn’t see to work as well as the lift function, providing relatively limited mobility in the upper and lower directions.
  • Lacks massage and heat functions, which would have made this chair a near perfect one.
  • People of a shorter stature can find it a bit difficult to get onto the chair.
  • The chair lacks a little bit of lumbar support if you have reclined the chair all the way to sleep, making you take the aid of a pillow.
  • The controls are a bit slow and it takes a little bit of time for the chair to respond.
  • Here is no manual provision to close the footrest. You need to use the remote control to do the needful.
  • If there is a power outage, you cannot set the recliner chair to a different or default position by using your bare hands. It operates solely on the electronic control of the remote.

Rarely have we reviewed a recliner chair and enlisted so many pros! Ashley Furniture has truly come up with a divine beauty that satisfies their customers to so many different levels.

Leather is a very coveted entity in the world of seating, and here we get something which looks, feels and works like leather without the accompanying problems which leather usually tags along with. What a masterstroke! We really have to give it full marks on how beautiful and grand it looks. It is wonderfully large and carries you like a baby. The quiet operation of this recliner can actually extrapolate its use to babies, by the way!

People who are recovering post surgery or are suffering from ailments related to the back or the knees also find it apt for use. So, we technically have a recliner chair that serves its purpose well for infants, elderly people, the injured and those on the road to recovery… how many recliner chairs can boast of this flexibility?!

We wish that Ashley Furniture incorporates some additional features into this masterpiece of theirs. The absence of features which would give it heating and massaging functions steal away its spotlight and give it to some of its other peers in the market. Indeed, the inclusion of such features would have made this one theoretically perfect.

There is no means to manually adjust its mechanisms and this is a shortcoming that should be considered. Some people would have found it ideal to manually adjust the lifting and recliner functions as per their convenience, and guess what? This need for manual control could practically arise in the event of a power failure, where you will have to wait until the lights are back to adjust the recliner chair as you want.

Keeping these minor flaws aside, the designers have really gone out of its way to come up with a truly worthwhile recliner chair (even with the absence of any added features). That speaks a lot about the efficiency and credibility of Ashley Furniture. We are grateful that this reclining chair is durable and boasts of good endurance. After all, going by its beauty and comfort, it actually ends up becoming an integral part of your home!

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  1. Homall Gaming Recliner Chair

We spoke at lengths about how reclining chairs are a great option for people suffering from pain and steering towards recovery and recliner chairs sure do a fantastic job. They also function perfectly well as chairs that provide ultra levels of comfort and rest. Kudos and props to the reclining chairs out there for what they do!

When literally everyone is deriving joy from recliners, should gamers be any exception? It takes a lot of spirit and passion to stay rooted to a chair all day long and to focus your energies on all the action happening on the monitor. Keeping that in mind, Homall has come up with an innovative reclining chair that is a perfect partner for the gamer in you.

These racing style reclining chairs provide a balanced support to your body during the long course of hours you devote to your favorite games.

The Homall Gaming recliner chair hosts an impressive array of features that work in tandem to customize your body and your seating experience. The biggest USP of this wonder is its trademark capability to counter any imbalance impressed upon it. So all the jerks and victory fervor that pops up throughout your gaming can be handles with this reclining chair.

Every technicality that should go into the making of a good reclining chair that can attend to the energetic, often chaotic and high octane nuances of gaming is covered for by this sassy recliner chair. What more could a gamer ask for? We can only say, let the game begin!

Features of the Homall Gaming Recliner Chair: 

  • It is made up of superior quality PU leather and thick high-density sponge of high resilience and high permeability.
  • It has adjustable headrest, footrest and back.
  • Carries lumbar support pillows.
  • It can be swiveled from 90 degrees to 180 degrees.
  • The reclining back seat has both locking and rocking feasibilities.
  • It is fixed with a gas spring cylinder to adjust height.
  • Loaded with multi-directional wheels with a smooth finishing.
  • Built with a lightweight and sturdy steel frame within the seat.
  • The load capacity is up to 300 pounds.
  • It is equipped with a tension knob to keep the rocking motions under check.
  • The rocker mechanism is based on the tilt function of the chair.
  • The cushioning has good damping effect that helps to suppress any deforming forces impressed upon it. 

Pros and Cons:

Pros of the Homall Gaming Recliner Chair:
  • The head and lumbar support pillows are easily adjustable.
  • The inbuilt frame is solid and has little to no chances of toppling over.
  • It is designed to counter and loss of balance while reclining. This allows you a greater degree of movement on this reclining chair.
  • The frame is extremely durable and can actually go on to last a lifetime.
  • The padding present within the pillows and cushions do not give in under your weight and maintains its texture and composure.
  • Your lower back is aptly supported by the lumbar pillows and these pillows can be relocated to any part of the chair as per your comfort.
  • There is a very easy means to adjust the height of the headrest.
  • The overall design helps in preventing back pain even on sitting for prolonged periods of time.
  • The assembly of the reclining chair is relatively quick and is fairly simple to do so.
  • This chair is big enough to accommodate your entire body but compact enough to not occupy too much space in your room.
  • It allows you to freely move around, assume various positions and lean on without the fear of getting stiff.
  • It is absolutely perfect for gaming, watching movies, gorging on snacks and also napping.
  • Not only is the Homall Gaming recliner chair ideal for gaming, but it also works decently well as a reclining chair for people post surgery.

Cons of the Homall Gaming Recliner Chair:
  • Unlike the backrest and the headrest, the armrests are not adjustable and they stay in one fixed position.
  • This recliner chair doesn’t fit under desks or tables owing to its size.
  • The seat tilt is not easily adjustable.
  • The material is a bit fragile and may get worn out when exposed to other rough materials.
  • The dip in the back (above the lumbar and below the head rest) can pose as a slight discomfort for some. However, this can be easily taken care of with a pillow.
  • It is of a relatively lower price than most of its peers, and as such, you cannot expect too high of a quality.

This awesome reclining chair sure does make a statement. With its amazing range of technical features and the ability to be with you through and through, it is one of the best picks from the scores of reclining chairs available out there. The flaws are nothing to make a big deal about. They are simple issues that can be tackled with relative ease.

By the way, did we mention that this reclining chair looks absolutely fantastic? It is a tough cookie that helps you level up not just your gaming profile, but also your overall experience. The various adjustable parameters, multitude of supports, the versatility, comfort and the edginess you get out of this reclining chair is virtually unmatched. It comes in relatively easy on the bucks and is definitely a worthy purchase. Game on and live on to glory with the one and only Homall Gaming recliner chair!

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Buying Guide to Reclining Chair

We have shown you out top picks for the best reclining chairs you can get yourself on Amazon. But have you wondered why exactly you should consider buying these chairs over your regular chairs? We bet you have, folks! So check out the two main reasons that you should be seated on a reclining chair right now:

Top reasons to get a reclining chair 

Creating your own level of comfort:

Reclining chairs are designed to assume various positions that conform to the posture, comfort and the orientation of your body. You can stretch and move around, and your reclining chair basically responds by taking on a position that best suits your body, while making sure you get ultimate comfort and no aches throbbing in your body.

Relief from pain and stress:

Many reclining chairs come with the added luxury of serving as heated massagers. This factor coupled with the very basic functioning of a reclining chair helps in combating pain and stress that have been thriving in your body. They provide ample support to your body to eliminate pains and direct you towards a healthier lifestyle.


Ashley Furniture Signature Design Power Recliner is perceived as one of the most comfortable recliner chairs in the market and strongly backed by many chiropractors and experts.It is backed with proper sizing and this is justified by the wonderfully ergonomic and neatly dimension-ed components of the recliner chair that work together to provide a perfect level of accommodation for any type of body. To top it all up, the upholstery looks and feels like leather, making the touch of the material on the skin all the more special. 


With its ability to adjust in almost every scenario, the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Power Recliner is best in the league due to its versatility for being used as a trouble shooter or a simple recliner chair. We are grateful that this reclining chair is durable and boasts of good endurance. After all, going by its beauty and comfort, it actually ends up becoming an integral part of your home, the moment you see it!

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