7 Best Knee Braces and Supports to buy in 2019

When you are going through all walks (pun intended) of life, you are heavily dependent on your knees to take you along. However, your knees tend to wear out with time, age and work. Should that stop you from living your life to the fullest? A huge NO!

Knee braces and supports are exactly what you need to ensure that life never stops moving. These are revolutionary creations that go a long way in making sure that you can go a long way! There is a plethora of knee braces and supports available on the market, but there are an elite few which people seem to prefer more than their peers as those elite few are the perfect ones to ensure that you keep running. Furthermore, these knee braces are primarily meant for arthritis in a way that the condition doesn’t hamper your daily life. In order to make them easier and more accessible to you, let’s check out the 7 best knee braces and supports offered by Amazon:

 Top 7 Best Knee Braces 

  1. PowerLix Compression Knee Sleeve

Best Knee Brace for Men & Women – Knee Support for Running, CrossFit, Basketball, Weightlifting, Gym, Workout, Sports etc.

If you conclude that a knee compression sleeve is the need of the hour for you, then sample the PowerLix compression knee sleeve, one of the most impressive and awe-inspiring ones we have come across.

It is designed in a way that strives to provide a uniformly stable pressure across the knee joint and boy, does it fit like a glove! It goes incredibly well in sync with the contour of your knee(s), making you feel as if it’s a part of your system.

Protection from sweat and material discomfort has been a priority for PowerLix and they have designed their knee sleeve with quality material to ensure that your knees stay dry, free from itchiness and irritation, and a thoroughly smooth feel.

Channel your inner power and grab eyeballs while donning this sleeve on your knee. Also, brownie points to the look. This remarkable one looks like something straight out of a sci-fi flick!

Features of the PowerLix Compression Knee Sleeve:

  • A specialized fabric blend empowered with a 4-way stretch capability that provides comfort and protection across all axes, dimensions and beyond! Great care has been employed by PowerLix in this regard to ensure that there are no kinematic constraints to the freedom of motion of your knee joints.
  • The fabric has been designed to be durable, come rain or shine! They offer a highly commendable feel to your skin as the touch induced by the fabric is very smooth.
  • It is tailored to match the contours of different joints.
  • Provides a very good base support to your muscles when you shift between intense workouts and your regular activities.
  • Maintains an optimal temperature around your joint.
  • Has a high absorption capacity that goes a long way in eliminating odors and moisture.
  • Prevents the occurrence of potential injuries to a large extent.
  • Comes with a double silicone anti-slip wave that gives you a nice grip, so that there is minimal adjusting throughout the course of its usage.

Pros And Cons:

Pros of the PowerLix Compression Knee Sleeve:
  • It comes with the sleeve style rather than the traditional velcro strap. This provides very optimum compression.
  • Provides remarkable motion feasibility with its 4-way stretch capability.
  • Requires minimum washing and maintenance as it stays pretty clean and odorless.
  • The material is very breathable. It prevents excessive sweating and hot spots around the knees.
  • Provides a firm grip that tends to stay during the course of daily activities.
  • Retains the smoothness of the knee surface significantly.

Cons of the PowerLix Compression Knee Sleeve:
  • It is a bit longer than most knee braces, so measuring instructions have to be closely followed for a perfect fit.
  • There is room for improvement in the stiffness of the material. So the support provided may ‘feel’ less than ideal.
  • The compression behind the knee is not as good as the compression on the knee.
  • It is not as tapered as would be desired by swollen joints. As such, it feels snug when swelling is involved.

As per the customer reviews, the product does deliver in all areas, though there seems to be minor issues regarding the sizing and length. It is the top rated knee brace on Amazon and the product, with its trademark freedom of motion and material quality speaks for itself! All in all, it is indeed an exemplary in the domain of knee sleeves and braces, and we are wholly in affirmative of its position.

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  1. Sable Knee Brace:

Compression Sleeve FDA Approved, Support for Arthritis, ACL, Running, Biking, Basketball Sports, Joint Pain Relief, Meniscus Tear, Faster Injury Recovery, 2 Piece

Being versatile is one of the premier traits in life, and if versatility is the name of your game, then look no further than the famed Sable knee brace and compression sleeve. It is designed by keeping the concept of coverage in mind, and you can employ this one for literally any form of sport, no matter how intense!

As stated, the Sable variant provides a wider coverage than most of its peers by stretching out a wee bit more above and below the knees, hence giving a more extensive pressure distribution. It works like a back brace on the knee by also providing substantial relieving pressure behind the knee.

The material is designed to give optimal performance in heavy duty sports such as basketball, football, tennis, weight-lifting, you name it! You can enjoy all of these sports without worry of an injury. The icing on the cake includes the attractive lifetime warranty that tags along with this product. So durability scores pretty high on Sable, What’s more? They come in a pair, so you are getting extensively great value for your money!

Features of the Sable Knee Brace and Compression Sleeve:

  • A very wide coverage over the knees (both above and below)to ensure an extremely even pressure distribution both on the knee and around it.
  • Comes with a spiral elastic weaving that gives good ventilation and excellent mode of prevention from odors and sweat.
  • The base extra knee support provides extra protection that gives your knees the feasibility of taking part in multiple forms of sport and activity.
  • Is equipped with mixed elastic sleeves to benefit a tighter and firmer fit that stays put even during intense physical activity and exercise.
  • The tighter hold goes a long way in reducing swelling and inflammation.
  • The exclusive design with a knitted form is suitable for all kinds of joints.
  • The dual silicone anti-slip design reduces the need for adjusting too often and therefore, facilitates comfort and alleviates the experience of wearing.

Pros And Cons:

Pros of the Sable Knee Brace and Compression Sleeve:
  • Comes in pairs, so you get a good deal for your money.
  • You end up getting an extra form of coverage of your knees that translates to the performance of your knees.
  • The design provides a comfortably tight fit that stay put throughout the course of its usage.
  • Is apt for swelled knees and does not snug. No matter the extent of the swelling, it gives comfort and a perfect fit over both the swollen area and the remainder of the knee.
  • The chief advantage of its design is the versatility it offers. In other words, it is made for intense forms of physical activity whilst staying durable and efficient.

Cons of the Sable Knee Brace and Compression Sleeve:
  • With usage, the portion of the material comprising of the silicon tends to leave skin irritation and possibly rashes. Hence, the product has to be washed well between sessions of usage.
  • Tends to cause sweating with prolonged wear.
  • There are possibilities of the development of a strong chemical smell that does not wither off easily.
  • The extra coverage may ultimately result in some undesirable stretch over areas of the leg where the function of the brace or sleeve is not necessary.

This impressive piece from Sable does serve us good with its promise of presenting us an optimal performance in various forms of physical activity and sports. You really do not have to think twice before wearing it to an outing, no matter what the nature of the outing be.

However, it does seem to fall short in terms of its material characteristics. Usage of the product does promote itchiness, skin irritation, smell and chemical lag in a few cases. So, washing it is a frequent need that cannot be avoided. In a nutshell, your product won’t wear out due to extensive usage but might do so by washing and cleaning.

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  1. Crucial Compression Knee Compression Sleeves:

Knee Brace Compression Sleeve (1 Pair) – Best Knee Support Braces Meniscus Tear, Arthritis, Joint Pain Relief, Injury Recovery, ACL, MCL, Running, Workout, Basketball, Sports, Men Women

They say timing is crucial, and no wonder this knee compression sleeve bears the ‘crucial’ namesake! The patented Power Support Technology of these kinds of knee compression sleeves is characterized by its instant (and hence, the reference to the timing factor) feel. Just like magic, the sleeve accommodates itself around your knee in a jiffy (without any hocus pocus, of course!).

The perks of this kit do not work only on the surface but also goes skin deep, literally! There is a good promotion of blood circulation, better oxygen inflow and minimal lactic acid buildup.

Bring in the fact that the sleeve is light and not bulky, it is an ideal one to wear during casual activity while also transitioning to heavier modes of work.

The built is light with a featherlike feel over the surface of the knee that truly lets your knees take in deep breaths of air. We do no know about energy drinks, but it turns out that Crucial Compression really does give you wings!

Features of the Crucial Compression Sleeve:

  • The stability and support provided is felt instantaneously after wearing it. So this product takes the initiative to deliver its promises without wasting any time!
  • It is extremely lightweight. Regardless of the range of physical activity you participate in, the sleeves feel light and work in sync with your skin.
  • It comes with a Premium ComfortFlex Technology which renders the fabric soft, light and ventilated during and after the course of activity.
  • It is equipped with a 100% fit guarantee that ensures an ultra perfect hold over your knees.
  • Accumulation characteristics of the material are scarce, thereby providing a relatively dry and comfortable wear.

Pros And Cons:

Pros of the Crucial Compression Sleeve:
  • Works in an instant. The sleeve fits in no time and you feel the effects immediately. Over time, it ends up healing you relatively faster and easier. This is a prime crucial (pun intended, again) advantage of this product.
  • It is neither too bulky nor does it possess constraints to the natural function of your knees. It actually goes on to promote a better circulation of blood, a lower accumulation of lactic acid in the joints and more supply of oxygen.
  • The lightweight characteristics of the knee sleeve facilitate easy movement in particular and motion in general.
  • The double silicone grip coupled with the light built of the system makes sure that the material doe not bunch up behind your knees and frustrate you. In addition, this property facilitates putting on and removal of the sleeve.
  • There is also the provision of a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product, and want to return it (though going by how this thing is theoretically supposed to perform, we feel that such a need would not arise).
  • The sizing and fit comes in very easy and feels extremely comfortable.
  • With fantastic ventilation, you can even consider sleeping with these around your knees.
  • Promotes a very natural feel of the joints.

Cons of the Crucial Compression Sleeve:
  • Because of the lightweight characteristics of the knee sleeve, it does not end up being as durable as its peers. With continual usage, the stitching starts giving away first (though re-stitching is not a big deal).
  • Does not work too well on heavily swollen areas.
  • The silicon nubs that hold the sleeve together may end up leaving a few painless marks on your knees.
  • Though not susceptible to dirt, sweat and grime as much as its peers, the looseness of the material calls for frequent washing,
  • Might face wear and tear during heavy duty operations.
  • Susceptible to rolling down on its own.

The Crucial Compression Knee Sleeve is left in an awkward position, that being the nature of the fact that its very weakness is its strength. The lightweight characteristics serve it really good by going steps deeper than just the surface by facilitating great oxygen and blood flow, and lower buildup of lactic acid. Consequently, there comes a very natural feel to all of it. In addition, the quickness of everything associated with it is always welcome. After all, who does not want to heal quickly?

However, this very feature leaves us asking for more with regards to its robustness. It slides in quick and also out; the latter being a bit of an issue. It works better in static conditions than dynamic. It’s analogous to riding two-wheelers extremely well but faltering a bit when it comes to four-wheelers.

The crux of the Crucial compression knee sleeve is that it excels where it is supposed to, but it is not the Jack of all Trades.

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  1. Bracoo Knee Support:

Open-Patella Brace for Arthritis, Joint Pain Relief, Injury Recovery with Adjustable Strapping & Breathable Neoprene, KS10 (Single)

If durability is your cup of tea, then you have met your destiny with the Bracoo knee support. Built to take stress and deliver optimal performance, the one by Bracoo is preferred by those who have a knack for adventure in their blood.

The driving force for this knee support is the open patella system exhibited by it, that offers a wide range of benefits in its own right to boast of. Talk about being rough and tough!

It comes armed with an artillery of features that make it stand out in the crowd while also making sure that the user not only stands, but does an extensive range of other activities by donning it.

As the tagline of Bracoo authoritatively claims, it indeed is build for you, for every occasion.

Features of the Bracoo Knee Support and System:

  • Its open patella design makes it stand out courtesy of the reduced stress and pressure traits, subsequently contributing to heavy usage.
  • The fully customizable straps wound around any contour of the knee while keeping the knee cap (patella) in proper position.
  • The extra thick sleeve reinforced with neoprene provides additional protection and leverage.
  • Comes with different levels of support as per the diagnosis, hence promoting personalization and better healing.
  • The fabric is breathable despite its bulky traits. There is a satisfactory performance with regards to dissipation of perspiration, blood circulation and air inflow.

Pros And Cons:

Pros of the Bracoo Knee Support and System:
  • Due to the open patella design, there is very little stress on the knee cap during the course of any form of exercise.
  • This also facilitates good inflow of air and very low levels of perspiration around the knee. This is highly beneficial for quick healing of any injury to the patella and above or below it.
  • Distributes relieving pressure to the knee and all ligaments around it, like the ACL, PCL, LCL and MCL. The sturdiness of the system makes the distribution of the relieving stress very good along the y-axis.
  • The strap system is adjustable, making it easy to put on and use. There is little to no undesired tightness on the knee cap.
  • The extra thick reinforcement of neoprene makes it more robust and strong. This lowers the chances of re-injury.
  • There is a substantial increase in proprioception, rendering the user more aware of the joint movements and locomotion as a whole.
  • Keeps the tendons and ligaments warm during activity.
  • Muscle oxygenation is vastly improved during the course of any form of activity, be it static or dynamic.
  • Provides an optimal performance and healing at a relatively lower price than its peers.
  • Is extremely sturdy and stays in place despite heavy movement, although the straps call for frequent adjustments.
  • Possesses good damping capacity and works pretty good in heavy duty operations.
  • Does not require too much washing and it a pretty clean knee support system to use.

Cons of the Bracoo Knee Support and System:
  • Is equipped with a velcro strap system due to which adjusting becomes an issue with time.
  • The straps tend to bunch up behind the knee at the end of the day.
  • There is always a tendency to slip in frequent lapses of time.
  • Tightness is not up to the mark. It feels loose with repeated usage.
  • Because of the bulk, it does not feel suitable to be worn under full trousers.
  • Static performance is not as good as its dynamic counterpart owing to its bulk and sturdiness.
  • Relatively limited with regards to the freedom of motion of the knee joint.
  • Falters a bit in the side tendons and ligaments, although the performance is more than satisfactory in the upper and lower areas.

The tough guy on the block, Mr. Bracoo, delivers an impressive performance. It is a very well designed knee support system, whose flaws stem from a common root: the strap system. The straps, in their own right, do a good job in serving their purpose but in the long run, they falter gradually. One might assume that replacing the straps with a sleeve system would crack the code. However, this would summon a sacrifice of the sturdiness and build of the entire knee support system which gives Bracoo its trademark stripes. As such, minor injuries and ones that do not too much time to help are ideally suited for the Bracoo system. This, by no means, implies that injuries that take time to heal aren’t served well by Bracoo. It is just that the efficiency of the former surpasses the latter.

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  1. Physix Gear Knee Support Brace

Premium Recovery & Compression Sleeve For Meniscus Tear, ACL, MCL Running & Arthritis – Best Neoprene Stabilizer Wrap for Crossfit, Squats & Workouts – For Men & Women

Feeling comfortable is and should always be a priority for anyone. Naturally, knee sleeves are no exception to this premise. However, most knee sleeves tend to cause issues in comfort with usage and time. There is gradually a fine gap between comfort and usage of a knee sleeve. The Physix gear knee support brace bridges this gap.

With a 4 way stretch system of its own, Physix provides an overwhelmingly comfortable knee sleeve that feels a joy to use all day long. It comes in with a light weight design that is really easy to put on and wear. It actually does feel like it is a part of you and embodies a personality of its own!

Last but not the least, it looks cool! We are a huge fan black and pink color scheme. So it is definitely a knee sleeve worth showing off. However, you can even keep it discreet thanks to its design. The ball is always in your court when it comes to donning the Physix knee sleeve.

Features of the Physix Gear Knee Support Brace:

  • It is made with the unique and durable 4 Way stretch Lycra. This contributes to an extremely comfortable wear.
  • It is very light in weight that facilitates both wear and usage, without compromising on durability.
  • Comes with a No-Slip Silicone Grip Wave that is designed to prevent slippage.
  • Is made with a combination of Nylon and Lycra that offers excellent material characteristics. This combination is implemented in their trademark Physix Flexi Knitting, that, as the term suggests, is flexible and aids in free and rapid movement of the knee joint.
  • Is designed in a perfect taper that allows it to slide in easily but to not slide out.

Pros And Cons:

Pros of the Physix Gear Knee Support Brace:
  • The 4 way stretch Lycra system provides ultimate comfort. There is hardly any bunching up and adjusting required through physical activity.
  • Is very light in weight that facilitates usage and wear.
  • It fits really well and merges with the contour of your knee. To top it all, it manages to stay put.
  • The Physix Flexi Knitting system comprises of a blend of Nylon and Lycra that ensures that the fabric is breathable and feels smooth on your skin.
  • Allows a full range of motion that feels extremely natural.
  • There is hardly any slippage regardless of the intensity and duration of physical activity.
  • The design also contributes in reducing leg fatigue.
  • Gives a great amount of stability to the knees.
  • Requires minimal washing and maintenance.

Cons of the Physix Gear Knee Support Brace:
  • It is designed as a compression sleeve so it might add on a bit of extra pressure to a few users who are better off with a lower level of pressure.
  • The length can be an issue at times, rendering an undesired pressure above the knees and on the thighs.
  • The distribution of pressure can sometimes be not an uniform and even as desired, owing to different levels of tightness in different areas.

The Physix gear knee support brace is one of, if not THE, best knee sleeve available. It is a firm follower of the mantra, ‘simplicity is the best’; and it provides a very satisfactory performance by firing on all cylinders. The only, and we mean, the only issue seems to be the tightness in areas away from the knee (mostly above). This seems to stem out of the length of the sleeve which implants a certain degree of compression, primarily above the knee. You may say that shortening the length would be the simple and logical solution, but that would ring in a range of other problems such as slippage, constrained blood circulation and sweating.

Keeping all these in mind, we can conclude that the Physix gear knee support brace should definitely be one of the most preferred ones (next to the PowerLix knee sleeve) courtesy of the plethora of benefits it offers when compared to other knee supports braces and sleeves. But the extra compression might be an issue to some users, which slightly narrows down the oomph of this fantastic knee support brace. Still, it does not take away the fact that this is one beautiful piece.

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  1. McDavid Hex Knee Pads

Compression Leg Sleeve for Basketball, Volleyball, Weightlifting, and More – Pair of Sleeves

So you lead a lifestyle where sports in an integral part of your daily routine. Everything is going great and the champ in you is raring to go for more. However, your knee starts to pose a hindrance to your adrenaline. Should you back down? Absolutely not! That’s where the McDavid Hex knee pads compression sleeve kicks in. Designed keeping the athlete you in mind, this wonderful knee sleeve is made to ensure that you keeping the field and score!

This highly rated knee sleeve is very popular among athletes and in particular, basketball players. And no wonder why. As such, it is designed by keeping all sizes in mind and is available with a very feasible size chart.

Armed with a jaw-dropping grid-textured nylon sleeve, it offers protection unlike any other. There is going to be nothing that can keep the McDavid knee sleeve down!

Features of the McDavid Hex knee sleeve:

  • It is designed with a closed cell hexagonal foam padding to offer high protection against impact.
  • Comes equipped with the advanced hDc moisture management technology to render to issues of perspiration a
  • Has a particularly good amount of compression that distributes uniformly over the contour of the knee.
  • The 9 mm Hex technology offers great durability.
  • Comes with a very impressive moisture management technology that prevents excessive sweating ands moisture accumulation.
  • Is designed for impact and body to body contact.
  • The hex padding offers a good amount of compression.
  • Is manufactured with 80% nylon and 20% spandex.

Pros And Cons:

Pros of the McDavid Hex knee sleeve:
  • The hexagonal padding offers high resistance to impact and wear.
  • This doubles up to very good protection to the knees.
  • It has extremely good damping capacity that absorbs forces resulting from body to body contact
  • Is designed to stay pretty much dry courtesy of its excellent moisture absorption capacity.
  • Has good compression features that provide suitable warmth on your knees.
  • The distribution of compression provides good healing.
  • Is excellent for accommodating bending of the knees.
  • Helps a great dealing in preventing re-injury of the knees.
  • Is a great knee brace for meniscus tear.

Cons of the McDavid Hex knee sleeve:
  • Focuses primarily on the knee cap and leaves a bit to be desired behind the knees.
  • Tends to be tight at times, which may pose as a hindrance over the course of the hours.
  • As it is chiefly designed for sports, it does not feel comfortable in static situations, Sitting down causes substantial discomfort and snug, especially behind the knees.
  • Has a relatively higher tendency to slip downwards.
  • There have been complains of a hole developing which goes on to propagate and become larger with usage.
  • It is often difficult to take off after usage and tends to stick.
  • Thinner than its peers and hence, not as much durable as desired.

The McDavid hex knee sleeve is a cool looking stud who excels in athletics with a penchant for basketball. Moreover, it is a tough nut who offers substantial protection to the knees and prevents injuries from making a comeback. But, when it comes to static situations and being around for long, it falls short. It exhibits glory in its 15 minutes of fame but bites the dust sooner than expected. The development of the holes haunts this knee sleeve and makes athletes hang their boots on it, although replacing it with the same product is often done. After all, it is the top choice of athletes and that does speak a lot about the applicability of the McDavid hex knee sleeve in situations where it is in demand.

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  1. Berter Knee Brace Men Women :

Compression Sleeve Non-Slip Running, Hiking, Soccer, Basketball Meniscus Tear Arthritis ACL Single Wrap

The Berter knee brace is a  strap type knee brace that provides a very good performance and checks out almost all parameters with style. The straps coil around to offer a multilayered theme of support and stability which prevents aggravation of an existing injury while also offering great protection to the knee joints. Further, the pain relief achieved from Berter is quick and efficient, making it a very popular pick among people.

It incorporates special nuances of technology into its manufacture, design and working that reflects on its usage as a whole. Moreover, great thought and insight has gone into the ergonomic factors that make Berter what it is. The perforated texture is unique and offers an advanced level of air inflow and blood circulation. It is basically a strap system knee brace done right.

Features of the Berter knee brace:

  • It is designed with an advanced 3D weaving technology that incorporates 4 way stretch fabrics.
  • The fabric is infused with copper ions and nylon that make the knee brace more breathable and bacteria resistant.
  • It is tailored to be water resistant and durable.
  • The straps are attachable through velcro.
  • It is designed to provide more compression on the knee cap.
  • It comes with a silicone anti-slip design to minimize adjusting during activity.

Pros And Cons:

Pros of the Berter knee brace:
  • The presence of copper ions in the knee brace prevents accumulation of bacteria and moisture, and cools the knee faster during activity.
  • Provides exceptionally good circulation characteristics.
  • The resistance to water is really helpful both to the knee and the knee brace.
  • The 4 way stretch fabric technology offers remarkable freedom of motion at all angles.
  • It does not roll or slip spontaneously, and demands little or no readjustment.
  • The 4 way compression aspect provides substantially good compression and warmth that promotes quick healing.
  • It offers good support to the entire knee joint with the multilayered working of the straps.
  • Extremely good at preventing odors and perspiration.
  • Provides good mobility to the knee joint with good pain relief.

Cons of the Berter knee brace:
  • The piece of velcro on the upper part of the brace often find it difficult to attach itself to the lower straps (which contribute to a more uniform distribution of compression).
  • On tight fitting, there tends to be some undesired compression on the patella.
  • The velcro straps that add the extra support are often uncomfortably tight.
  • The brace tends to be larger than required for joints that are subjected to swelling.
  • Often causes blisters when worn over prolonged periods of time.
  • The presence of the silicone dot can leave your skin feeling a little rough after removal.
  • A flaw in even a single piece of strap hinders the performance of the entire system of straps by compromising on stability and at times, support.
  • Tends to crease a little in the back after intense activity.


The Berter knee brace is a pretty impressive one that offers exceptionally good mobility whilst maintaining good circulation, quick cooling and resistance to water. All of this is achieved with its exemplary interpretation of copper ions into its system. Also, the 4 way compression system holds a nice distribution of relieving pressure throughout the contours of the knee and its surrounding areas.

The only drawback to it arises from the velcro strap system which obstructs functionality in the long run. Though the Berter knee brace is an amazingly designed system, it relies too much on the straps for its chief selling features. With continued usage of this knee brace, the straps may fail and that may invite a whole array of problems in the functionality of the knee brace.

That said, with the assumption of a proper working strap system, the Berter knee brace is more than satisfactory with regards to its performance. The straps configure together to come up with a noteworthy brace that is bound to make the user satisfied and give it a well-deserved thumbs up !

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How knee braces promote healing?

You must have wondered what makes knee braces the top choice to tackle knee joint problems. For one, it provides the feasibility of using lesser medication. Hence, the use of knee braces provide a safer and more natural investment by providing the desired amount of compression. Let’s check out the ways how compression from knee braces works wonders:

Promotes blood flow and circulation: An injury can only heal when there is an adequate supply of oxygen to the tissues that are damaged. However, in cases of injury and tissue damage, there is a resulting decrease in the flow of blood through the damaged area. Thus, knee braces offer the right amount of compression needed to pump oxygenated blood through the damaged area and improve the process of healing.

Reduces swelling: A swelling is always a pain to deal with, quite literally! It seems only logical that an appropriate magnitude of compression on the swollen area would nullify the built up stress within the swelling and aid in reducing it.

Reduces edema: An area of injury or swelling becomes an epicenter for excess fluid that hinders the flow of essential nutrients to the area while also making the range of motion around that area difficult. This is called edema, and the compression characteristics provided by a knee brace helps in reducing this excess buildup of fluid thereby paving the way for the natural healing of the affected area. The compression offered by the knee brace promotes the flow of the lymph fluid which not only heals, but also washes away the damaged tissues.

Best knee braces for different types of injuries and situations:

Meniscus injuries: The DonJoy Deluxe hinged knee brace is most aptly suited for injuries pertaining to the menisci. It offers a good range of stability, lateral support and relieving compression that speeds up the healing process. It is equipped with two sturdy aluminum uprights and bilateral hinges to contribute towards better support. The presence of straps for the thighs and the calf muscles nicely support the meniscus throughout the day.

Torn ACL, PCL, LCL and MCL: Both the Sable and Brocoo knee brace systems are finely suited for injuries of and around the ligaments, owing to their versatile spiral elastic weaving design and open patella designs respectively.

Patellar tendonitis: The trademark open patella design of the Brocoo knee brace attends to almost any discrepancy of the knee cap. The sort of compression provided on the patella by this system is ideal to heal the case of patellar tendonitis faster.

Patelloformal Pain Syndrome (PFPS) and Runner’s Knee: Both these cases comprise of conditions around the patella, with PFPS being damage of the cartilage under the kneecap and the latter being sever pain around the circumference of the kneecap. While the Brocoo knee brace deals well with conditions pertaining to the kneecap, it kind of falls short for conditions around it. As such, for conditions around the kneecap, the DonJoy hinged knee brace serves the purpose exceptionally well with its system of bilateral hinges and stability.

Arthritis and Osteoarthritis: This is the most common form of knee inflammation that often arises naturally with age or activity. It is to be noted that all available types of knee braces contribute well on their own right to tackle arthritis and its forms. However, the Bracoo knee stabilizer and DonJoy knee brace systems do really well in this regard.

Sports: Be it any form of sport: basketball, soccer, tennis, walking, running, jogging, hiking, skiing, etc., nothing comes close to the McDavid hex knee brace. Its hexagonal close padding is just too good for sports and the like, that others are left red with embarrassment.

Dogs: With an altogether different skeletal system than us humans, our loyal friends need a whole different set of knee braces in contrary to the ones we use. The best knee braces for dogs include: TSAAGAN dog’s leg brace hock joint, dog front leg wrap, NeoAlly dog rear leg braces etc.

Points to be considered before buying a knee brace:

Material: The material of the knee brace should be comfortable, breathable and safe for your skin. A knee brace should ensure that the covered area of the skin should be conformed to conditions that make it heal quickly and efficiently without compromising on comfort and usage. There should be a good inflow of air in order to prevent excessive sweating and moisture accumulation, while at the same time, it should be warm enough to promote healing. Finally, the material should not leave irritated skin, blisters or rashes.

Durability: It goes without saying that the knee brace you use should keep you company throughout the entire course of your healing. So proper stitching and incorporation of a sturdy fabric system is critical.

Sizing: This is a bare minimum that makes sure your knee brace achieves the perfect fit and does not go through issues such as slippage, rolling down and uneven tightness.

Design characteristics: Just like individuals, each knee brace comes with its own unique set of properties, traits, applications and features. Again, each person has a different body, which results in different perceptions of pain. Hence, you must go through all the nuances of the knee brace carefully before zeroing in on the one you like.


Pain is a very natural occurrence that more than often, tries to pose as a roadblock to your daily routine, activities and joy. The world has come with innumerous forms of technology that serves to make our lives better. Knee braces are one such amazing brainchild of humans.

To keep up with the pace of this world, you must keep moving with a passion and eradicate any obstructions standing on your way. When such obstacles manifest as a pain or injury in your knee joints, stand up and rock those cool looking knee braces to step beyond pain and injury, and move towards everything you want in life!


There are two variants of knee braces available, closed knee brace and an open knee brace. For the closed type knee brace, PowerLix Compression Knee Sleeve is the best whereas if you are looking for an open type knee brace the Bracoo Knee Support is the solution for you.

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