Top 10 Heating Pads for Sale on Amazon: Updated 2019

With everyday activities including a defined set of movements, our bodies are struggling to keep up with the stresses it is being induced to. From the long drives to work and prolonged sitting in one position at a 9 to 5 job, a wave of pain that no ointment can possibly repair, embarks its presence periodically.

That is when a heating pad comes to rescue.

A heating pad is used for warming affected of parts of the body in order to manage pain. Targeted application of heat leads to the blood vessels’ dilation, enhancing perfusion to the targeted tissue.

Amazon hosts loads of heating pads in their domain but we have included the 10 very best in this review article.

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After going through SkyGenius Graphene Waist heating pad advanced features, moist heat technology, customer reviews, Price and Ease of use, we are selecting this product as top priority.

Top 10 Best Heating Pads For Back, Neck And Shoulder Pain

  1. SkyGenius Graphene Waist heating pad:

The portable SkyGenius waist heating pad has earned a 4.5 star rating on Amazon and is also the best heating pad for 2018. The company has very smarty incorporated  ‘Graphene’ a material that provides enough heat and uses infra radiation to relive pain from waist, back & stomach by promoting better blood circulation. The heating pad comes with a 5V 2A USB powered which can operate on a power bank or a usual charger. It has three temperature settings that let’s you adjust temperature manually. 

Features of the  SkyGenius Graphene Waist heating pad:

  • Safe & Portable: 5V 2A USB Powered, that means it can used on a portable charger or on a regular charger as well. The longer is the cord, more is the mobility
  • The device is made up of ‘Graphene’, the noble prize winning material that Is being defined as ‘ the newest, strongest and thinnest material. As a conductor of heat it outperforms all other known materials’
  • The human bodies radiate far infrared energy through the skin at 3 to 50 microns, with most output being at 9.4 microns.
  • Graphene ‘far infrared rays’ have a wavelength 6~19 microns, which compatible with the human body and can be easily absorbed. Which positively help activating body systems and functions.  

Pros and Cons:

Pros of SkyGenius Graphene Waist heating pad:
  • The USB powered battery offers great range while using making it eligible to accompany you during long drives or after you’re back home from a tiring day
  • Stretchy adjustable straps can be adjusted to fit other body parts as well, this way various targeted areas can be covered
  • Three temperature settings to control heating ensures the user is satisfied with the therapy
  • Once the device is brought to life, it will heat up almost immediately based on the user’s preference

Cons of SkyGenius Graphene Waist heating pad:
  • The placement of heating element is small leading to excessive localized heating. You will feel overly heated at one place and almost unaffected in the other.
  • An overly powerful charger will shorten the device’s life which leads to picky decision on which charger to use.

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  1. The PureRelief heating pad:

The PureRelief heating pad offers double-wide heat coverage for sore muscles and because of a 20” x 24” sized pad, it can cover previously impossible to reach muscles. The 9 foot long cable allows the user to relax on the couch or the bed or as desired. There are six temperature settings on this device that let’s you adjust accordingly. The Micro plush (top) and Polyester (bottom) build is washable. Moreover, the device automatically turns off itself in 120 minutes preventing the user from burning themselves.

Features of The PureRelief  heating pad:

  • Ultra-Wide 20” x 24” Pad: Offers excellent coverage for large muscle groups thereby targeting wider range of problem areas. The Microplush (top) and Polyester (bottom) aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but allows machine washing as well.
  • LED Controller: The controller helps adjust the heating effect with 6 temperature settings to accommodate your comfort level. Moreover, Moist Heat Therapy Option has been given that will provide deeper heat penetration for effective muscle pain relief
  • Auto Shut-Off: Economizes energy and prevents burns caused by excessive heating of the muscle. The 9-foot long cable eases the process of relaxing by offering the user more room to settle down in their comfort zone.  

Pros and Cons:

Pros The PureRelief heating pad:
  • With a 20” x 24” sized pad, every muscle can be reached. Moreover, with that 60% increase in dimension, the device can be used as a blanket that just a heating pad
  • The 120 minute timer protects from burns that can be caused due to excessive heating, a safety measure that works against a human’s natural desire to loosen up
  • Wider temperature adjustment scale: six temperature settings allows the user to experience heat deep penetrating and healing sore muscles completely
  • Comes with a drawstring storage bag that will keep all wires and operating devices in one place

Cons The PureRelief heating pad:
  • Careless washing may damage the device as rough washing may hinder with stitching while soft washing would not take out dirt
  • For some, the heating might not be sufficient enough. Everybody is different and every sore muscle demands special care.
  • The extra long cable is vulnerable to damage if not kept properly.

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  1. Figerm electric heating pad:

This cute looking queen size blanket made of super soft flannel is a heating pad that comes handy for feet warming primarily but with a dimension of 20” x 21” this device can be used for sore back, stomach and other stiff muscles. The 10-eet-long cable allows free movement to the user. Comfortably sit with your feet enveloped in the heating pad and enjoy the toasty virtue of the warmer. Machine wash it once in a while to let go of the dirt.

Features of Figerm electric heating pad:

  • An adorable queen sized heating pad primarily for feet and hands but are equally efficient for other parts of the body as well. Relives stresses and stiffness by introducing heat waves in the muscle fiber
  • Comes with a 10-feet- long cable that let’s you comfortably pick spots for the heat treatment as the one key lets you choose which heat setting to use
  • The compact build of the device allows the user to travel with the device in hand and using as per need while the automatic turn off system ensures desired heating
  • Since the device’s primary focus is feet, the virtue of being washed is a must. The pad is washable by machine.  

Pros and Cons:

Pro of Figerm electric heating pad:
  • Heats up quick and for people who constantly suffer cold feet or hands, this device Is all that’s you need
  • A 10-feet long cable that will let you work and simultaneously relax as the device warms you up
  • Is washable, nothing to worry about odor or stains

Cons of Figerm electric heating pad:
  • It is advised not to lay on the heating pad limiting its ability to be just used as hand and feet warmer
  • While the device is under operation, it is advised not to turn it sharply. This may lead to the heating component’s damage.

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  1. Huggaroo Microwavable Heating Pad:

This beautifully Nashville crafted Polyester wrap provides deep, penetrating, moist heat to the neck, shoulders, and upper back to relieve pain, tension, and stresses of any kind. The unique design targets neck, shoulders and issues like migraines and tension induced headaches and other kind of stiffness. The built gives a hug kind of feel while inducing deep, penetrative pressure on the shoulder.

Features of Huggaroo Microwavable Heating Pad:

  • The weight of the wrap locks heat inside it for long, keeps the wrap positioned around the neck and shoulders as it works its way out delivering relief and inducing a sense of relaxation
  • The built of this heating pad is such as to deliver aroma therapy as well, making the overall experience of the process satisfactory and easing
  • For some change, the pad can be stored in the freezer or 4 hours and be used as a cooling pad
  • Insides compromises of Clay beads, flaxseeds, natural herbs. The clay beads induce the pressure and warmth along with flaxseeds while the natural herbs are responsible for the aromatic therapy.  

 Pros And Cons:

Pros of Huggaroo Microwavable Heating Pad:
  • Is easy to use as opposed to other devices that come with rather intricate control panels
  • Since no electrical heating devices are in use, safety while using the heating pad significantly increases
  • Designed such as to hug the user comfortably without much effort. Once placed, it shall remain in its position

Cons of Huggaroo Microwavable Heating Pad:
  • While putting it in the microwave oven, it has to be first places in a clean and dry plate and then in to the microwave oven
  • No drop of water, oil or grease should touch the pad. This may lead to excessive heating at one place which shall lead to burns
  • The heating pad has to be heated at maximum or 3 minutes and thirty seconds. More than that will be too hot for the user to handle.

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  1. Tech Love Electric Heating Pad:

This backpack looking heating pack comes with two magnets in its neck that stick together while the soft Velcro strip lets the user fasten the pad from the waist. With a size of 24″ x 25″, this device when tied correctly covers the entire back. The shoulder pads heat up real quick ensuring deep penetrative therapy. 

Features of Tech Love Electric Heating Pad:

  • With a dimension of 24″ x 25″ and a particularly craved design that allows it to be placed on the back, this 100% polyester heating pad gently rests itself on the neck and the back.
  • The magnetic clasp and slightly weighted edges, it wraps better like a rather comforting backpack and enhance effectiveness of therapy. While the magnets ensures free movement, the Velcro around the waist makes wearing and working in it more comfortable
  • The shoulder pads heat up quick while the 9-feet long cord allows the user to move around. The six available temperature settings lets the user pick the best for themselves
  • The heating pad comes with the flexibility to be used for a moist therapy as well as for a dry therapy  

Pros and Cons:

Pros of Tech Love Electric Heating Pad:
  • The built of the heating pad is similar to that of a backpack, the Velcro strap adds to the effect. This arrangement ensures proper placement of the heating pad and allows movement to the user
  • With six available range of temperature settings, the dry or moist treatment can be adjusted as needed
  • The auto timer turns the device off after 120 minutes of functioning, preventing burns that may caused due to excessive heating
  • The option to turn off the timer feature has been given which lets the person continue with the therapy at lower temperature ranges one the 120 minute function period is over
  • The Velcro strip helps fasten the heating pad around the waist while the magnets placed on the neck stick together to hold up everything together.

Cons of Tech Love Electric Heating Pad:
  • The heating pad is somewhat compact for tall people and thus tying the Velcro strip around the waist becomes necessity to ensure proper heating
  • For some, the heating might not be sufficient enough. Everybody is different and every sore muscle demands special care.
  • The extra long cable is vulnerable to damage if not kept properly.

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  1. Riogoo Electric Pet Heating Pad:

It’s cold after a nice long shower and your pet is shivering despite being snuggled up in a towel. Hours pass by and yet, the shivering hasn’t calmed down. Your pet walks around, damping carpet, sofa and the bed but to no avail. That’s when you realize, your pet too needs something to keep them warm and cozy. The Riogoo Electric Pet Heating Pad comes is a forth generation heating pad made especially for pets (including dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.,)

Features of Riogoo Electric Pet Heating Pad:

  • The heating pad’s dimension are 18.2 x 18.2 inches, large enough to accommodate one pet at a time
  • Remove the fleece cover and separate the heating element in order to wash the mat. The washing can be done either by machine or by hand
  •  The heating element is covered in a PVC wrapping which protects water/urine from getting into it
  • The heating mat can be used directly or can be placed under layers of blankets
  • The mat operates off of 120 V AC power supply. It is advised not to use it with overpowered power supply systems as this will lead to short-circuit  

Pros and Cons:

Pro of Riogoo Electric Pet Heating Pad:
  • The heating pad is designed especially for pets of any age and breed. It’s also suitable for pets who are recovering from illness or injuries
  • Heating element is securely placed in a PVC storage, even if your pet passes water on it, there’s no way of a short circuit or direct damage o the heating element
  • The heating pad comes with a range of temperature settings varying from 80°F-130°F rather than a low-medium-high. Thus, the temperature can be set with due to respect on how the pet is reacting to temperature changes
  • The timer on the mat automatically turns off either after 1 hour of usage of after 12 hours usage, strictly as embedded

Cons of Riogoo Electric Pet Heating Pad:
  • The mat cannot be used outdoors. It is strictly to be used indoors
  • Improper drying of the mat can cause damage to the heating element
  • With layers of blankets as placed on the mat, temperature has to be increased
  • Residential 120 V AC power supply has to be maintained, an overpowered supply shall cause severe damage to the heating element.

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  1. ThermaCare Neck Shoulder and Wrist Heat wrap:

So what if you desire some kind of heating pad that keeps your warm and doesn’t come with other procedures that are to be taken care of during working life of the device? That’s when these use-and-throw ThermaCare Neck Shoulder and Wrist Heat wrap come to your rescue. Having been molded into a more adaptable shape, these stick-on heating pads stay put for up to 8hrs while its affect lasts for another 8hrs.

Features of ThermaCare Neck Shoulder and Wrist Heat wrap:

  • The chemical used for the heat treatment are proven to have eased stiffness, soreness and tensions in muscles
  • These wraps offer more flexibility to the user as they won’t be falling during a motion loaded activity
  • Despite having chemicals incorporated in the wrap, during and after usage there won’t be any constantly pulling stink bothering the nose  

Pros and Cons:

Pro of ThermaCare Neck Shoulder and Wrist Heat wrap:
  • This stick-on heating wraps offers safety against chances of electric shock as no electrical parts are incorporated in the manufacturing
  • These are pretty easy to use, once their function is done, making it way more hygienic in nature
  • The product is quite low maintenance as it does not require timely cleaning and rearrangement of apparatus
  • These are short term investments, brought whenever there is need and stored until further application



Cons of ThermaCare Neck Shoulder and Wrist Heat wrap:
  • Proper disposal will demand attention as they cannot be stored after use and similarly, cannot be disposed off anywhere
  • The product can retain only for 8hrs after its application indication poor heat retention

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  1. Natural Aromatherapy Microwavable Heating Pad:

After a really long week of work, you come home feeling tired. The body demands something that can soothe those aching and sore muscles but at the same time, it is too tiring to go out for a relaxing therapy. Well, that is exactly when you need Natural Aromatherapy Microwavable Heating Pad the most. The 3–pound of hard wheat traps the heat inside for longer than any other microwavable heating pad. The additional reusable felt disks can be used for simultaneous aroma therapy by adding few drops of your favourite essential oil on the disk and inserting it in the pouch’s pocket.

Natural Aromatherapy Microwavable Heating Pad:

  • Aromatherapy is known to reduce anxiety, boost energy levels, eliminate headaches, enhances cognitive performance, induces more known and relaxed sleep, strengthens the immune system, reduces pain, soreness and stiffness , improve digestion and increases circulation of blood.
  • The wheat filling stores more heat than any other type of filling and thus, the therapeutic effect is bound to last longer than usual
  • Overall heat and aroma therapy soothes discomfort and supplements uptight healing.  

Pros and Cons:

Pros of Natural Aromatherapy Microwavable Heating Pad:
  • Wheat filled heating pads can be used as a safe alternative to the traditional hot water bottle or electric heating pad for soreness, tension and pain relief.
  • Aroma therapy includes inhaling essential oils stimulates the olfactory system, that part of the brain that’s related to nose and subsequently with breathing leading to regularized breathing. Something that helps better sleep, relieves stress and tension
  • The dual combination of heat therapy and aromatherapy relaxes the uses not just physically but rather mentally as well.

Cons of Natural Aromatherapy Microwavable Heating Pad:
  • The wheat heating pad should not be heated above time limit of 3 minutes else it will overheat and can potentially cause severe burns
  • Moreover, it is advised not to leave the bag heating in the microwave oven for too long. It may catch fire is heated too much.
  • Essential oils should be added to the felt disks periodically once its affect seems to be slowing.

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  1. Arris Electric USB Heated Eye Mask:

Now that you have been reading this article for too long, your eyes must be straining for sure due to the blue light being emitted from the screen. Ever thought you can actually give some heat treatment to your eyes just like you would to any other body part? Well, here is Arris Electric USB Heated Eye Mask. An eye mask to gently relive your eyes of stresses, fix insomnia and dry eyes.

Features of Arris Electric USB Heated Eye Mask:

  • The eye mask can be used over a portable battery backup, a charger for its working.
  • Interiors of the eye mask is made up of Graphene and thus, the heating will be overall and not just focused on eye sockets
  • Safety timer automatically shuts down the device once it senses any case of overheating
  • Five temperature settings are provided to deliver desired temperature and stress relief
  • The specially designed shelter cloth could effectively block most of the outside light  

Pros and Cons:

Pro of Arris Electric USB Heated Eye Mask:
  • Far infrared therapy is incorporated in the eye mask, which has been scientifically proven to be more effective
  • Timer can be adjusted anywhere between 10 minutes to 60 minutes along with temperature settings
  • Built in thermal controllers that prevent the mask from over heating
  • The heating gives the sensation of warmth and not hotness
  • With a 6-feet long cable allows the device to be used on bed, sofa or wherever comfortable

Cons of Arris Electric USB Heated Eye Mask:
  • The adjustable straps might not be able to accommodate a small head limiting the use only during sleeping or napping
  • The eyes may strain after exposure to bright light post therapy
  • Overheating, in any case, can cause burns to the eyelids, and the nose.

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  1. Liiva Portable Waist Heating Pad Belt:

For those who sit all day and do not quite have time for exercising, the back and the waist are primary affected areas enduring stress, stiffness and tension collected over a period of time. Stretching does help in easing sore muscles but what about the pain that strikes from within? Liiva Portable Waist Heating Pad Belt’s built makes it more focused on the waist and abdomen area, our area of concern. The belt can help combat against menstrual cramps, stiff muscles and soreness. Set the temperature and let it calm your muscles down.

Features of Liiva Portable Waist Heating Pad Belt:

  • Built to chiefly focus on back and abdominal pains, the Liiva Portable Waist Heating Pad Belt is made up of Graphene film lining, the material absorbs more than usual heat
  • Powered by a DC 5V-2A source, the belt will very smoothly operate with a battery backup power bank or even a charger
  • Three temperature settings are offered which can be adjusted as per the need
  • The product comes with a stretchy band (available lengths – 26 inches to 46 inches) with Velcro strips in the end to strap the belt comfortably on the abdomen or back
  • Fabric is smooth and washable but has to be dried before using. The belt can be carried during trips or can be comfortably worn indoors as well as outdoors.  

Pros and Cons:

Pro of Liiva Portable Waist Heating Pad Belt:
  • Built of the belt makes it more efficient to combat menstrual crams, muscle soreness and tension caused due to high intensity workout
  • Wide range of waist sizes (available lengths – 26 inches to 46 inches) re available
  • Built fabric promotes even heating instead of centralized heating
  • Temperature can be adjusted in three different fashion
  • Includes far infrared heating that is pretty quick and reliable

Cons of Liiva Portable Waist Heating Pad Belt:
  • Available sizes may not satisfy everyone as everybody demands different fit and heating
  •  The heating might not be sufficient for women who experience heavy menstrual cramping
  • Doesn’t come with battery backup, thereby it has to be connected to the power supply throughout its use

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Guide on Heating Pads:

The need for heating pads

A heating pad used for warming of parts of the body in order to manage pain muscle stiffness or any kind of tension. Localized application of heat causes the blood vessels in that area to dilate, increasing movement to the targeted tissue. A heating pad is even used to repair injuries as well as in combating illnesses that lower the body temperature.

The most common type of heating pads includes the electric heating pads, chemical heating pads and hot water bottles. Not just that, heating pads can even be made by filling a well structured sack bag with grains, putting it in layers of clothes and then sealing them out with tailored stitches. These grain type heating pads are also used for aromatic therapy.  As thumb rule, use ice for acute injuries or pain accompanied by inflammation and swelling. Use heat for muscle pain or stiffness.

While humans need heat pads to eliminate discomfort and keep warm during chilly weather, it should be noted that the same parameters cannot be kept when an animal is being subjected to heat pad or a heat mat. Most of the heat pads are designed to meet the demands of the human body. An animal’s body temperature is an adapted function of the region it has been living in. It also depends up on the animal’s physical condition. Thus, devices that are designed specifically for animals should be used.

Heat therapies are also known to ease out menstrual pain. The menstrual cramps as experienced during ‘that time of the month’ are so intense that some of the woman find It nearly impossible to stand or even comfortably sit! The home based treatments for sure help for some time but the resurgence of the pain progresses time and again. While today’s pharmacies are well equipped with pain-killers that potentially have no side effects, the question in the picture is how long will we let asprin dissolve into our blood streams? The constant contractions of the uterus cannot be controlled by popping asprin. The heat therapy in here helps significantly by its virtue of localizing heat, easing circulation of blood and oxygen into the blood carrying veins and thus comforting the menstrual process.

For pregnant woman dealing with severe pelvic pains and sore back, heat therapy along with aroma therapy is a bliss. Not just the muscles relax as the blood circulation to body increases but the aromatic components present in essential oil ease nausea and discomfort caused due to erratic hormonal behavior. Keep in mind that essential oils should be applied after dilution. The strong essence of the oils may worsen the situation instead of bettering them.

The heat therapy also finds application in physiotherapy when a patient in his recovery stage is subjected to sessions of heat as well as aroma therapy to calm down brain activities and simultaneously supplying more oxygen to the recovering part. The heat as obtained from the pad comforts stiff and tensed muscles giving them room to move with lesser pain factor.

How Aromatherapy integrates with heat therapy

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Indians and Romans to alleviate aches and ailments and inspire relaxation. Today, due to widespread of technology and internet, we are blessed to have this luxury of affording these therapies, be it at home by practicing some family recipe or at a clinic under expert guidance.

Aromatherapy is known to reduce anxiety, boost energy levels, eliminate headaches, enhances cognitive performance, induces more known and relaxed sleep, strengthens the immune system, reduces pain, soreness and stiffness, improve digestion and increases circulation of blood to each and every part of the body. The essential oils inhaled stimulate the olfactory system, the part of the brain connected to smell, including the nose and the brain. A wide range of essential oils have been found to have various antimicrobial activities happening in them and are believed to have antiviral and antioxidant properties. Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine in which the effects of healing arise from the aromatic compounds present in essential oils.

Essential oils are concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile (something that easily evaporates at normal temperatures) chemical compounds extracted from plants. Essential oils are also known as volatile oils, ethereal oils, aetherolea, or simply as the oil of the plant from which they were extracted.

Things to keep in mind while buying a heating pad

From sipping hot tea, wearing those extra thick socks or wrapping a blanket around gives an immense sense of comfort. The heat from tea, socks or blanket helps in increasing circulation of blood to all parts of the body. Whenever the muscles ache or feel sore, often the culprit is accumulation of lactic acid. The body produces lactic acid when muscles are not receiving sufficient supply of oxygen. If the blood flow to the damaged muscles decreases, the accumulation of lactic acid increases in this area. Upon the application of heat to an aching area, the heat tends to facilitate the flow of blood to this spot, which removes the buildup of lactic acid waste and lowers pain, soreness and stiffness. A heat pad can be used for muscular pain in the back, abdomen, neck and other parts of the body. Though it should be kept in mind, every part of the body demands different temperature range to heal. An overheated pad will cause more damage than good. There are two types of heating pads available, a dry heating pad and a moist heating pad. A dry heat therapy will draw moisture out of the skin while the moist heat therapy keeps the skin damped. Moist heat therapy is widely used as it seals body’s moisture meanwhile easing pain, soreness and stiffness. While the dry heat therapy delivers quick relief by subsequently increasing circulation of blood. According to need, heat therapy should be chosen. If you are planning on buying a rather cheap heating pad for trial before investing in an expensive one, keep in mind that the results delivered by the inexpensive heating pad might not be satisfactory. Chances are, if he heating pad is not handled with care, it may cause more damage than good.

It should be noted here, if you’re planning to use the heating pad on a baby, it is very important to first consult your doctor before doing so. The heat from the pad may cause more damage than easing out the fuzziness. Usually, a blanket is more than enough for delivering heat to the baby. Same goes for pregnant women as well. When using the heating pad, carefully set the temperature. It should be warm enough to help with the pain and not cause burns.

Maintaining a heating pad

  • Before carrying out any maintenance work, unplug the heating pad and ensure that the device is turned off. It will be more safe if one turns off the device before unplugging.
  • Remove the fabric covering the heating pad in order to machine-wash. Always use lukewarm water while set the machine on a gentle cycle. Let the cover dry completely before using.
  • Avoid sitting on the heating pad and do not bend it at sharp angles while It is under operation as the bending can damage the electrical wires.
  • Unplug the heating pad when not in use.
  • Report to the manufacturer if the pad overheats, releases burning smell or sparks ignite from the switchboard.


As the human race is evolving and there’s this constant urgency to succeed not only in one field but in a spectrum of, it is important that we remind ourselves the limits to which our bodies can push themselves and how necessary it is not to just eat right but to indulge in activities that soothe both, the mind and body. Harmony comes from within. A body aching and sore will keep working with each passing day delivering lesser results than the previous day. It is important to take care of ourselves. Take some time out from the 24 hours you have got and devote it to yourself.


The portable SkyGenius waist heating pad has earned a 4.5 star rating on Amazon. The company has very smarty incorporated  ‘Graphene’ a material that provides enough heat and uses infra radiation to relive pain from waist, back & stomach by promoting better blood circulation.

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