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The Significance of Zones of Membership
There are 3 Zones of membership which are unique lenses of practice and communication. As one moves from Connection to Progression to Quantum the skills and expectation of the client and practitioner stretches more to practice member (client) self response-ability and participatory in one's life , in addition to the health and wellness benefits.  Individual practitioners may at times address their practice members within more than one of these zones to serve their clients where they are at in their needs in the continuum between high end evidenced based health care and health related personal development, 
while maintaining a "center of gravity for the practice in a particular zone.  All zones are equally valued, and each 
appeals to a different client practitioner agreed set of desired outcomes and culture.

 The Connection Zone

Your practitioner uses his professional skills to identify then remove or reduce the detrimental factor(s) that detracts from your health or well being. By reducing this impediment, more energy is made available for healing. As you become more whole or comfortable, further changes in your life will be discussed and addressed and available. This involves your developing a more vital lifestyle, with new meanings, more compelling or constructive actions,  a more energized vision for life or more fulfilling systems for sustaining health or your advancing personal development.


 The Progression Zone

Your practitioner uses his professional skills to create new strategies or capacities, to upgrade the way you use your energetic resources or access information in your body, mind and life and heal. Your care is progressed in levels or stages of increasing self responsibility, awareness, and participation in your own capacity to heal, make healthier choices, and take more productive action. You can use  pain or stress, or disease as excuses or opportunities to  understand and experience yourself more fully, become more resourceful, and more empowered to take your health and life to a new level of conscious particpation and victory and joy. You experience your personal self organizing wisdoms at work in your body and life, gaining greater wisdom about your unique way of  healing and vitally living.You claim greater awareness and responsibilty for your energetic and informational flow and its impact in your health and life. You learn through your participation in your healing, your personalized way of healing and living life.

The Quantum Zone

Your practitioner will utilize the elements of Reorganizational Healing such as your personal style of change, your self organizing innate intelligences, and the seasons that empower your body, mind and life as integral tools to apply his skill, art or technique.  You recognize that you hunger to have greater healing and personal resourcefulness is linked to giving your unique gifts, speaking your “voice” living a truth, and receiving the gifts of diversity. As a ROH practice member, you experience  your personal healing, awareness, development, and gifts in relation to an energetic field that connects individuals and humanity.  You recognize the need to add value, energy, wisdom to collective field between yourself and other creating greater healing, awareness, and impact in your life and that of others. You value the manner in which you use your energy and your individual organizing intelligences in the healing and living of your life. As a consequence, you are more able to participate in your empowered life with healthy and conscious congruence and with your practitioner and reorganize your health, life and destiny.

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