What is Reorganizational Healing?

Reorganizational Healing is an approach to transforming our experience of life circumstances and our bodies, including pain and disease, into opportunities to go beyond our baseline level of health, functionality and well-being. Reorganizational Healing recognizes that evolution moves only in one direction – forward. Instead of viewing the pain or symptom as an adversary or attempting to restore an individual to a prior minimal state, the Reorganizational model enrolls symptoms and crisis as a source of energy and wisdom, to not only sustain our bodies and lives, but to experience our health in new vital and abundant ways.

Based on Donald Epstein’s 30 years of experience working with hundreds of thousands of patients, Reorganizational Healing uses three elements – the Energetic Intelligences (resources for innate organization of the body and life), the Seasons of Wellbeing (the timing that allows us to optimize change), and the Triad of Change (one's personal success strategy to heal and change). Reorganizational Healing is about empowering individuals to develop new strategies of function and behavior to flourish at new levels of chosen possibility. Reorganizational Healing focuses on building health – and having the energy, structures, behaviors and perceptions to make sustainable progress in all areas of life.


What is the ARHP's non-profit designation?

The ARHP is registered in the District of Columbia (USA) as a not for profit corporation.  The Association is currently in the process of applying for 501(c)6 status with the Internal Revenue status. 501(c)6 status is a not-for-profit professional organization.

How can I volunteer to help the Association?

The ARHP is in the process of forming Committees that will have specific volunteer opportunities for individuals.  While we are in the process of that, please send us an email to info@reorganizational.org listing your talents, gifts, and interests.

How can we set up a regional chapter of the Association? 

If you currently are involved with a group of practitioners in your area or region, or would like to create one in your area, please contact the ARHP office at info@reorganizational.org and let us know your interest in creating a chapter of the Association.

Cool Logo! Who won the Logo Contest? 

We are excited to announce that Marshall Zweig was the winner of the ARHP logo contest!  We received many outstanding submissions and we are grateful for the entire community's enthusiastic support and creativity.  Marshall's entry was inspired by the Triad of Change of the elements of Reorganizational Healing.


What if I’m not sure about which zone of membership best applies to me, and my practice?

If you are not sure which zone best matches you, please feel free to contact the ARHP office at (202) 417-3815 or info@reorganizational.org, and we will assist you in your selection. We can also put you in touch with a member of our membership committee who will be able to explore this with you as well.

Do I have to take the NSA Certification Examination(s) or SRI Certificate examination again?

No. You do not need to take these examinations again if you have already passed. In the future the ARHP will be creating an ARHP Certified practitioner and also certification in Reorganizational Healing practice, which will have further requirements for those designations. If you have passed the NSA Certification Examination(s) and/or SRI Certificate examination, these scores count towards applying for zones of ARHP membership.

I have not completed a required Reorganizational Healing course that is necessary for membership.  How can I complete this?

We are in the process of completing a Fundamentals of Reorganizational Healing Online Course that will satisfy this requirement for you.  It will be ready to go by June and we will be posting information about it on this site when it is launched. You can also email us at info@reorganizational.org and we will be sure that you are notified as soon as it is available. It is required to have completed a course in Reorganizational Healing before being eligible to apply for ARHP membership.

I haven’t been to a course in several years, am I still eligible for membership?

NSA Care Practitioners, who have not been to a NSA clinical program within the past 3 years, must complete the ROH component (see question above), if they haven’t already, AND must agree to complete a NSA clinical program within the next 9 months to stay on the list and be eligible for membership. SRI Wellness Educators who have not been to a SRI program within the past 3 years, must complete the ROH component (see question above), if they haven’t already, AND must agree to complete a SRI program within the next 9 months to stay on the list and be eligible for membership.

Who is listed in the practitioner referral list online?

When the practitioner list goes live on June 4th, it will have listed all Connection, Progression and Quantum NSA Care and SRI Wellness Educator Practitioners.  It will include the information members provide to the ARHP for practice address and related information (phone, fax, office email, website, and even a picture of the practitioner or office if they wish).  Retired/Supporting, Public and Student members will not be included in the online directory.

I practice in 2 office locations.  How do I have them both listed in the practitioner list? 

If this applies to you please contact the ARHP office at +1 (202) 417-3815 and we will assist you in having your practice locations listed.

Can I apply for membership with a paper form? 

You can download paper membership applications forms (coming shortly).  We suggest however you apply online as you will also be able to provide additional information about yourself and your practice that will be available online when the practitioner referral list goes live on June 4th.

Are my dues tax deductible?

Your membership dues may be tax deductible as a business expense, but not as a charitable contribution. Please consult with your professional advisors on all legal, tax or financial issues related to deductions. Non-US residents please consult your national regulations concerning applicability of deductions.


When will the Donny Quarterly Conference Calls be and what will they cover?

As part of a membership benefit of the ARHP you will be able to participate in quarterly conference calls with Reorganizational Healing creator and developer Dr. Donny Epstein.  Two of these calls each year will be for practitioners, and two will be open for your practice members to participate in.  Topics will be related to Reorganizational Healing and Reorganizationally Informed modalities such as Network Spinal Analysis Care and Somato Respiratory Integration Wellness Education.  Members will have access to the announcements of upcoming calls and further information about participation.

I have other questions about the ARHP.  How can I have them answered?

There are a few ways that you can have your questions answered about the ARHP:

1) Email us at info@reorganizational.org

2) Call us at (202) 417-3815

We look forward to hearing from you and thank  you for your interest in the ARHP!

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