Student Liaison Committee Chair

Dr Brian T. Lumb

In 1998, Dr. Brian founded Center of the Universe Network Care in Seattle, WA, which soon became a thriving practice.  In 2004, he was asked to serve on the international staff of the Transformational Gate programs by it’s founder Dr. Donny Epstein, developer of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA).  Dr. Brian is on the teaching staff for Wise World Seminars training Chiropractors and Chiropractic students since 2008.  He is now the lead instructor in the Southeast.  After twelve years in Seattle, he and his wife, Jenny, sold their practice and took a seven-month sabbatical, traveling the U.S. in their red ’88 VW Westfalia Camper Van through 40 states auditioning cities to play the role of their new “home.” Asheville, NC was awarded the part!

Dr. Brian and Jenny are passionately sharing their gifts at Nourish & Flourish, a revolutionary new business model of their own creation fusing Network Care, a Nia movement studio, and an organic juice & tea bar.  One of their juice creations can be found in the March 2015 issue of Bon Appétit.  He is the only staff member of Wise World Seminars to become a faculty member of a chiropractic college teaching NSA at Sherman Chiropractic College.  Dr. Brian has also worked with many high profile clients to include Tony Robbins, providing care for Tony at his live events all over the globe: Unleash the Power Within; Business Mastery; Date with Destiny.  An engaging speaker, teacher, and writer, Dr. Brian’s energetic, entertaining, and informative message inspires his audience to personal action and ultimately transformative growth.

 Newsletter and Media Committee Chair 

Dr. Matt Kreinheder 

Matt decided to become a Chiropractor in 2004 after understanding the underlying philosophy of Chiropractic.  The philosophy fit well with what Dr. Matt already intuitively believed.  If you live all parts of your life in a healthy manner, there is no reason fro your body to express illness.  Dr.  Matt was looking for a practical application for this belief to help people live life more optimally and reach their highest potential.   Chiropractic, specifically Network Spinal Analysis fit perfectly.  Dr. Matt has come to know and loves the life changing benefits of Network care and he discovers the best way to share them with you whether clinically or through the written word.  In addition to his D.C. degree, Dr. Matt holds a Masters Degree in Acupuncture and a Bachelors degree in Music and Business.

 Social Responsibility Committee Chair(s)

Dr. Henri Marcoux  

Henri graduated 1966 from CMCC and soon became a board certified chiropractic orthopedist.  He thought it fun but a far cry from the promise of chiropractic.  He has practiced NSA in all its forms since 1991 as this is where he had always wanted to be. Still practicing after nearly 49 years.  Henri says that one is never too young, or aged, to be a healer.  Henri has 2 grown children and one grandchild.  Henri race’s cars with his son as his most favorite hobby and travels with his daughter when he can.


 Eli Kooby

Eli was raised in the ‘old country’, where natural healing was the norm rather than the exception. Consequently, he has been interested in natural healing and a wellness practice since his youth.

In 1965, after 4 years of college, he discovered Chiropractic. He began his chiropractic education in New York and graduated, in 1969, from National College of Chiropractic, in Illinois.

For the next 30 years he practiced Chiropractic, first in Canada then in the East Coast US. He created several large practices in both countries, establishing himself as a leader in the Chiropractic community. In late 1997 he moved to Los Angeles to be near his family and, eventually, retire in a warmer climate. 

He was introduced to Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) in early 1997, weeks before moving to California. After 30 years of traditional Chiropractic practice, Dr Kooby felt he had finally found what he had been searching for all his professional life – a model that considers our individual uniqueness, promotes states of wellbeing and expressions of joy and forgiveness, all independent of symptoms or life’s circumstances, Reorganizational Healing. This was a rebirth for him, in his personal life and professional life.

Eli served as a founding member as treasurer on the ARHP Board.

Idea Liaison Committee Chair

Dr. Andy Witt

Graduate of New York Chiropractic College, Class of 1990. Practicing In West Caldwell, NJ from 1990 to present. Using NSA since chiropractic college. 

Sunshine Committee Chair

Dr. Patty McDowell

Dr Patty McDowell, D.C. is a 1997 summa cum laude graduate of Life Chiropractic College West. Patty is certified Part 3 NSA and SRI for the Network Care Office and has been participating in WW seminars since 1993. She founded Peninsula Network Chiropractic in Burlingame, CA in 1997. Patty was introduced to Network through a series of synchronistic events following a car accident in 1992. Network transformed her life so much so that she chose to become a Chiropractor to help people transform their lives. Patty has witnessed both in the Network community and her spiritual community the power of group energy positively sent to people and situations for the highest and best possible outcomes and brings this passion to the ARHP’s Sunshine Committee.

Zone Committee Chair(s)

Connect Zone Chair

Progression Zone Chair

Dr. Roseanne Mulligan

A licensed wellness, holistically minded chiropractor and applied clinical nutritionist, with a passion for helping clients and others, Dr. Rose  has spent more than a decade researching and practicing successful methods for expressing life's fullest potential. Graduating from Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas with a bachelors in Anatomy and a doctorate in Chiropractic, she has incorporated the pioneering wellness technologies of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) as developed by Dr.Donald Epstein into her practice. She has earned the highest certified level of excellence in NSA and continues to master her skills through yearly continued education.  Dr. Rose utilizes whole food nutrition and food coaching to also assist the healing process.

Dr. Rose  is a native northeastern Pennsylvanian but proud to call Austin TX home.  She believes food is our medicine and loves organic raw food, a healthy active lifestyle, music and dance and appreciates the spiritual connectedness of all living things.

Quantum Zone Chair

Dr. Robin Sherman

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